About Ronin

My name is Ronin Rawson and I grew up in Vancouver, Washington. My favorite hobbies growing up were exploring the woods near my home, playing with legos and reading a variety of fiction novels. Chocolate is wonderful, raw tomatoes are revolting and writing fiction is just plain fun :)

In real life (and fiction) I am fascinated by the idea of preparing for anything. I've even taken wilderness survival courses, so if civilization comes crashing down, I can always disappear into the Cascade Mountains. I was raised with a family that always had a garden of some kind and often preserved those crops for the years to come, so I was always raised with the 'survival' and 'be prepared' mentalities.

I currently works as a Soda Jerk at a fifties diner while I write novels and work on bulking up my career as a fiction writer. I'm also working on the "Assassin's Rising" series under the pen name S. B. Sebrick.

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